Best Asian Salon Near Me

Asian Salon Near Me. Looking for a good hair salon in London is very difficult. There is a lot of information from SNS, Google, and other sources on the internet. It’s hard for you to find the best hair salon that suits you. Here is some information about the best Asian hair dresser in London.

Asian Salon Near Me

If you are looking for a asian hair salon please check this article. Hope this will help you.

Before we go down to the list of the best asian salons, there are certain precautions you must take into consideration before going into a salon with asian hair. Each salon has good skills, experiences, and nice customer service.

Here are few things you need to know before going to a salon to treat your Asian hair:

Finding a stylist with enough experience and artistry to work with Asian hair, which is notoriously thick and melanin-rich, can be difficult. But it’s not impossible, someone had already tried out the style you might thought of —with my research and planning, your fantasy hairstyle can be a reality.

According to a survey carried out last 2 years, many customers said that the asian hair salon is the best place for their customer service. Most asian hair salons focus on treating customers nicely and try to make them more comfortable in the salon. It’s coming from asian culture and for sure they love to make all their customers happy and enjoyable.

All the asian stylists trained for a long time from places like Japan and London so their skills and experiences are also better than other salons. To be sure check the following;

  • Online Reviews and Reach Out to Friends
  • Be Prepared for Multiple Bleaching Sessions
  • Bring Reference Pictures
  • Consider Length and Thickness
  • Check Out Beauty School Options
  • Aftercare Tips

Types of Asian Hair Styling

The two most popular hairs styling services in asia is Digital perm and Japanese hair straightening.

The Best Asian Hair dresser in London

MY SNUG ROOM: Specializes in Digital perm, cold perm & Japanese straightening as well as cut & colour, also handling with any type of hair, Asian, Blonde, Brunette, Caucasian, and beyond. Working in London since 2008 with more than 10 years of experience taking care of top personalities is a very reputable review to visit for your hair treatment.

The price list of MY SNUG ROOM SALON is below.

The price of the hair treatment process is different depending on hair length and design.

Hair cut £55-£70

Colour £60-£120

Bleach+Colour from £200

Perm/Digital Perm(including hair cut) £140-£2500

Straightening(including hair cut) from £300

Gabriel’s Barber Shop: A haircut costs $20.

Flower Street Barber Shop

Vinh Hair Salon: Without no fear and doubt Vinh Hair Salon was founded in 1991, since then till now it has been known for cutting the perfect hair style on men, women and children as long as the wait on the line, lol.