Does billing address matter for online shopping

What is Billing Address? This is the official address on your credit card or used to verify your credit card information. Does the billing address matter when you place an order online? Well, till we get to the buttom of this, stay tunned.

Does billing address matter for online shopping
Does billing address matter for online shopping

The convenience that comes with online shopping and delivery to recipient address has trigered customers to spend billions of dollars shopping online from the comfort of their home or offices without having to visit the stores.

Online transaction can be very smooth and fast except the customer fall off the process by making a very crucial mistake.

As an online shopper, one must be very careful while submitting payment and address information at different stores. Being accountable of which credit card information is used for a particular order will be of great advantage.

Making mistakes while supplying personal information or billing address can cause the client more time, energy and delay in transaction as they will have to either wait for customer support, or talking to their bank. While shopping online with the wrong billing address, your order could be delayed or canceled.

Most of the time, the merchant will inform you about the wrong details supplied and you will be given a chance to modify the information.

Does your billing address matter when you order online?

Billing address is very important when you make purchases online because it is the only verified information used to approve the order. Merchants uses the Address Verification System to check and confirm that a customer’s billing address matches with their bank. Once it is confirm and it corresponse, the transaction will be initiated and payment will be processed.

In order to protect customers interest, merchants want to make sure they dissuade identity thieves who may be trying to buy items with stolen credit or debit cards. They want to make sure you authorized the use of your debit or credit card. Some stores will allow the transactions go through and review them in the admin backend; others you will just have to re-enter the correct information or start your order all over.

Generally, your billing address does matter when shopping online. If it match the card you are using to make payment. While in some rare cases, it doesn’t matter if the billing and shipping addresses don’t match

What is a Billing Address?

A billing address is an official address connected to a specific form of payment, which is a credit or debit card.  Merchants use the billing address to verify the authorized use of such cards. This is also where companies send paper bills and bank statements.

Billing addresses must match what the card-issuing bank has on record, or the purchase in progress may not go successfully. When the cardholder changes location for instance, the billings address must be updated to match the holder’s current address. This can be easily done by contacting the card-issuing bank.

The shipping address is where packages get delivered, this might be different from billing address. Billing and shipping addresses may be the same but are sometimes different.

In case there is a disparity between these addresses, the company may integrate additional order verification to validate the order.

What happens when you submit a wrong billing address?

You want to know what happens if your submit a wrong billing address even if it’s by mistake right? The most common occurrence for submitting a wrong billing address is that your order will be cancealed instantly.

Most companies verify this information before accepting your order. In case there is any disparity, you will get a notification directing you to update the information so your order can be processed.

But if you receive a notification telling you that your order has been canceled, you are left with no option than to create and submit a new order with the correct and updated billing information.

Why Do Companies Need Your Billing Address?

When asked by a company for your billing address associated with your credit card, it’s part of a security check to help reduce credit card fraud. Ideally, your billing name and address should tally with the name and address that appear on your credit card statements.

Merchants and payment gateways work with the Address Verification Service (AVS) to verify customers information, therefore your billing address and identity will be matched to the name and address on file with your card issuer.

Moreover, the shipping address you wish to get the package shipped to does not need to match your billings or credit card address. Your billing address is important as such it should correspond with the credit card information you submitted as payment.

Does billing address matter with online order? Now I can confidently say you know all of these. Let us know your opinon.