How to Find My HP Printer WIFI Password

How to Find My HP Printer WIFI Password. HP printers, do you own one? If you were worried and thinking about how to setup HP Printer WiFi password then you should pay attention to the below information. HP printers are one of the best printers worldwide credit to their exceptional features, durability and advanced technology. In the cost of time, HP printers have made printing processes much more accessible for users. The wireless smart feature is one of the most appreciated functionality of HP printers, this allow you to print from any wireless-capable device then and there.

How to Find My HP Printer WIFI Password

How convinent is it to use the wireless HP printers? Using the smart feature requires proper connection with your wi-fi router either at home or in the office. Besides setting up the link, you also need to have a wi-fi password for your HP printer to enjoy the function of your HP being wireless.

This article will discuss how you can find the wi-fi password for your HP printer.

How to Find HP Printer Wifi Password

As simple as it is, most people find it difficult to navigate around and set up the Wi-Fi password for HP printer. You can comfortably set up the password following the step by step guide that is given here below. On this regard, make sure that you perform the steps described properly to avoid any interruption while you attempt to set up the Wi-Fi password for your wireless HP printer.

  • Let’s begin, if you have an HP printer with a soft touch control panel, then first you have to press the ‘Wi-Fi direct’ symbol.
  • Also you can press the Settings symbol for turning this Wi-Fi direct feature on or off and you can easily change your connection method to make sure that it needs a password which is Manual method or does not require any which is the Automatic method of connection.
  • If you operate a printers which do not have touch screens, it is also easy to print WiFi Direct reports that have all the required information that you need to set up your password. In most cases, there is an information button on the printer, this can be long pressed to get the necessary information needed.
  • On some printers, you may see the ‘start’ and ‘copy’ buttons on your HP printer, you can press them together simultaneously to get the reports printed out.
  • You may see another button on your HP printer, the ‘resume’ button; you can long press and hold it for a while until you get the detailed information report.
  • Setting up the new wi-fi password default for your HP printer will require you to change the printer’s name too. Please perform all the steps carefully.
  • Be sure that the printer is connected to the same network or wi-fi as your mobile phone or computer.
  • When the printer is connected to the Wi-fi network, get the IP address of the printer and the unique identification figure that the printer has on this network.
  • In case your HP printer model that does not contain a control panel display, then you can have the network configuration page printed out to know the IP address.
  • For those printers with touchscreen control panels, the IP address will show in the network menu settings or Wireless menu.
  • Manually type in the IP address of your HP printer on your internet browser and then hit Enter to open up the Embedded Web Server (EWS) of the printer.
  • Next action is to select ‘network-wifi direct-status.’ then you will receive a message regarding redirection to a new page that is secure and HTTPS-enabled.
  • Select ‘ok’ to continue the process incase you encounter a pop up message, Choose Advanced if Your connection is not private shows up and then choose Proceed to (IP address of the Printer).
  • Navigate and select the edit settings option on the screen for WiFi Direct Status and perform your desired changes then apply.
  • When you have made all your desired changes, such as changing the printer’s name and setting up the wi-fi password default for your printer, please select ‘apply’ to save the changes.

If you read, understand and follow all the instructions by applying every single step correctly, then your set up should be successful.

In conclusion

HP printers are easy to use with many smart features on which performing different tasks will never become a problem to you. This is a complete guide to setting up the wi-fi password default for your HP printer, read this article carefully and apply each step correctly. This information will assist you if you once asked this question “how to find hp printer wifi password?“. I hope you find this helpful.