Meaning of Blue Heart Emoji

Meaning of Blue Heart Emoji. Sometimes it can be very tricky finding the right pharse to use when we want to express our feelings or affection but kudos to the heart emoji who does the talking even better and easier.

Meaning of Blue Heart Emoji

Do you know what each one mean? Here we will share the supreme emoji guide to the heart icons and the meaning behind each symbol.

What does it mean when a girl sent a blue heart emoji? What does it stand for if a man sent it? These two important questions will be addressed here.

A case study reveal that 67 percent of emoji users around the world think people who use emojis are friendlier, funnier, and cooler than those who don’t. Today half of those fyoungstars are more comfortable expressing their feelings using emojis than by having traditional conversations.

Meaning of Blue Heart Emoji

Blue Heart emoji can mean different things according to your perspective. To your greatest surprise, ideally it came from a group of guys who wanted to show support for Autism awareness. The blue heart emoji can denote trust, peace, loyalty and harmony.

What does blue emoji stand for if a man sent it?

This is not because blue is a gendered but implies more because the blue heart is a sort of shallow friendship. You don’t send a blue heart emoji to to just anyone you trust with your emotions. You send it to the hood, homies you see once a month or that girl you admire so much and promise you’ll get lunch with any of these days.

It’s Blue, man! So, in the nature context like the sky and the occean it is used to show how deep and stable your Love is to someone.

What does it mean when a girl sent a blue heart emoji?

Brain, a youngsters say that Blue Heart received from a Girl can be attributed to be a bad sign. Hahaha! The reason for this statement says ” it symbolizes that she is moving you into a friend zone”. Could this all be true? Relax. Maybe she just had a mood swing and currently in a blue mood. Majority of the time people send this Blue Heart emoji to talk about shock or suicide.

In conclusion, Blue Heart emoji means hope, depending on who you are sending it to, example if you text with this emoji to a member from your family and friends, here you show that you are not losing hope.

You are right if you say the color heart emoji you send and receive is a Big Deal. Well there’s no official translation, above are some general guidelines and tips as to what exactly the blue heart signifies when you send it or receive it from your partner.